The fifth Rencontres d’Arles curatorial research fellowship is awarded to the Sogol & Joubeen Studio for the project A House.

A House is a research-based curatorial project conducted by Sogol & Joubeen Studio around a certain house built in the 1950s by a middle-class family in the north of Tehran, Iran.

At its core this research project is a dialogue between architecture, interior design, domestic objects, books and publications and the photo archive left from the family and saved from the destruction of the house in 2012.

This house symbolizes the process of modernization and the radical change of the Iranian lifestyle of the 1940s and 1950s – a transformation that still has resonance today.

This project shows how art of archiving could be important and necessary even on a small house to open doors to past relations between people and societies.

It is anticipated that the realization of this project in a western context will create a dialogue among a wide range of audience on the subject of globalization, identity, modernization and heritage.

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