A House / Second cut

“A House/Second Cut” Is a document -based Project in six Individual chapters and a pilot displayed different aspects of the house and the life in it which held at Platform28 (Tehran-Iran). This show presented a unique selection of documents from a house which was built in Tehran 1958 and demolished 2013.
Due to very unique documents which Is remained from this house with focus on modernisation in iran.

Final Encore II

“Final Encore 2” an installation group show was held at Dastan gallery (Tehran-Iran) 2013 to honor Iranian national car “Peykan” which was going to close the factory line after more than 40 years of service.

Final Encore I

“Final Encore I” was an installation group show about honoring a house that it was going to be demolished very soon after. This show was held in the house itself by the support of Azad gallery (Tehran-Iran) 2012.

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